The Mustard Seed is a proud supporter of local arts. In our Highland Square and Montrose locations we exhibit local, original artwork that rotates every three months. If you’re interested in exhibiting your work, please click here!

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or the social scene and her artistic inspirations. LOLO is known for her intuitive healing paintings like Depths of My Soul and Expressionist Genius in this collection, but is bringing her portrait work back through these abstract pop art paintings of her inspirations: Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe and Jean Michel Basquiat. Adding to her rock and roll spirit are her black and white mixed media collage that add that element of sexy and fun on a gallery wrapped canvases with spiked framing detail. Enjoy the Black and White to Colorful soul that makes up LOLO’s world in this collection.

LOLO, is a Cleveland and Akron based artist that started her art career at Schenley High School in Pittsburgh, PA. One of her many artistic inspirations, Andy Warhol, attended this same school. LOLO rediscovered her love of art in 2003 when she began painting portraits. The first being Frida Kahlo which she still owns today and only loans out. Following the portrait phase, she quickly moved over to the freedom that abstract painting is for her today. LOLO draws great inspiration from the galaxy, water, trees, eyes, feelings, sounds and aura colors. “There is a freedom I feel playing on all this inspiration and create a colorful world to them. It’s a passionate journey I am grateful to be on.”

Her body of work can be seen all over the country and in some celebrity homes. Her work has been featured at ArtPrize 9 and 10 and, The Charles H. Wright Museum in Detroit, Michigan. Her current body of work can be seen at the Metropolitan at the 9, Cleveland, Ohio, which she recently has transitioned into an Art Curator there and is booking her 2022 art shows with the BEST artists she knows.

Bob Pozarski

with green eyes. After graduating from KSU in 1975, he opened a stained glass shop near Akron U. He’s made art glass for the area for forty four years. Always learning new glass making techniques, he makes kiln cast and fused glass, hand beveled and blown glass. He teaches beginning and advanced glass blowing. Sun, Rain, and Gardens For my display at the Mustard Seed Cafe I’ve made new windows featuring our weather blessings that make the vegetables grow.

Sun and rain, earth and water are represented not very realistically. My focus is more on the glass as an art/ craft material; learning ancient techniques and using them in new ways to expand the stained glass vocabulary.

I may take flat pieces of stained glass and fuse them together in a kiln, take that to the hot shop and blow it into a bubble, spin that bubble out into flat glass again, then grind and polish prism edges on it. The leaded panels are a device to hold that piece of shiny glass up to the light. That’s all.

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