The Mustard Seed is a proud supporter of local arts. In our Highland Square and Montrose locations we exhibit local, original artwork that rotates every three months. If you’re interested in exhibiting your work, please click here!

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Nirali Schrader

Nirali Schrader is an Asian Indian born artist who moved to America in 2007 to earn a double Master’s degree in Education. Teaching in classrooms helped Nirali realize that she wanted to continue to instruct and inspire but in a more creative capacity.

She started her own business, Akron Henna Art, with her inspiration from the city where she completed her education and launched her career. The specialty medium of choice is henna, a plant-based dye native to her India and appreciated around the world for its ability to temporarily stain the skin to make beautiful body art.

Nirali helps to share the healing properties of henna through her non-profit Henna Crown Art which gives another layer of beauty to courageous people who are fighting cancer. She also leads art classes online on behalf of Access the Arts, a non-profit, with the Medina Juvenile Center to share a new artistic expression with kids so they can learn to how to create works of art under her guidance. Nirali’s most recent public recognition came from the Mayor of Stow who recognized her work in part with 15 others who donated custom works of art that adorn and beautify light boxes at intersections around the city.

For this gallery, Nirali chose to incorporate her cultural henna-style design work using new mediums of acrylic, alcohol ink, paint markers and water colors on canvas and wood. This art represents Nirali’s inner growth and experiences as an artist which she feels is an actual healing experience via the colors and media used. 

Bob Pozarski

with green eyes. After graduating from KSU in 1975, he opened a stained glass shop near Akron U. He’s made art glass for the area for forty four years. Always learning new glass making techniques, he makes kiln cast and fused glass, hand beveled and blown glass. He teaches beginning and advanced glass blowing. Sun, Rain, and Gardens For my display at the Mustard Seed Cafe I’ve made new windows featuring our weather blessings that make the vegetables grow.

Sun and rain, earth and water are represented not very realistically. My focus is more on the glass as an art/ craft material; learning ancient techniques and using them in new ways to expand the stained glass vocabulary.

I may take flat pieces of stained glass and fuse them together in a kiln, take that to the hot shop and blow it into a bubble, spin that bubble out into flat glass again, then grind and polish prism edges on it. The leaded panels are a device to hold that piece of shiny glass up to the light. That’s all.

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