Blueberry Hill Family
 Farm, 'You Pick' Blueberry Farm

Scarecrow Art Festival 2012

You are invited to participate in the first annual Scarecrow Festival taking place at Blueberry Hill Family Farms, in the beautiful Mohican Valley. The festival will coincide with the blueberry harvest season during month of July. The scenic blueberry field and surrounding woods will become an open air gallery for local Ohio artists to display their very own Scarecrows.


We are looking for artists to partipate by assembling their very own creative Scarecrow. We will have armatures available, burlap for stuffing/making faces, and all kinds of metal pieces and parts. Our primitive welding and wood shop will be available on a limited basis. The Scarecrows can be created by the artist in their own studios or during workshops on the dates listed below. The artist is responsible for getting the Scarecrow to Blueberry Hill by 6/16/2012.


The festival will kick off with three optional weekend workshops, an art opening/party. The workshops will be for artists who wish to come and observe the venue as well as to work on their Scarecrows at the farm if so desired. The art opening and party is for the artists friends, family and patrons. The opening will be followed by a two month long exhibit of the scarecrows displayed in the berry field and surrounding area. The Scarecrows will be available for purchase during this time. The farm will keep a 25% commission on all Scarecrows sold.

Blueberry Hill Family Farms is a 66-acre U-pick blueberry farm purchased by Mustard Seed Market and Cafe owners, Margaret and Phillip Nabors. Two years ago, the farm began the process of rehabilitating the 60 year old blueberry farm into an organic operation focusing on sustainable practices. The farm has conducted permaculture classes, added a greenhouse, and is now in the process of creating a diverse studio space for artists. Blueberry Hill combines food, art, music, nutrition based hospitality, agricultural education, and entertainment (agritainment) in one destination.


****Excellent Idea Book:
Creative Scarecrows: 35 Fun Figures for Your Yard & Garden - Marcianne Miller with Merry Miller

Important Dates to know about and attend if possible:

Please RSVP as soon as possible, deadline for registration of workshops 5/1/2012

Informal workshops: the weekends of 5/19, 5/26, 6/2

Art opening and party: June 30th
Exhibit will be open: 9am-5pm the months of July and August

Scarecrow Art Festival Design Specifications & Rules:

1. Safe to be near people unsupervised (childproof, solid construction).
2. Does not create litter (except for compostable, organic materials).
3. Resilient enough to withstand wind and storm while on display (it will live outside).
4. Lifesize or less (if you expect to sell it, it must be shipable somehow).
5. Family friendly (this is a family oriented pick your own operation, no violence or sex).
6. We reserve the right to reject any submissions that we deem to be unacceptable.
7. Use specified mounting system:

Mounting systems will consist of 2” pipe driven into the ground. The frame of your armature must be able to mount into or around this pipe. If mounting into the pipe, frame should extend at least 2' into the pipe or you may dig a post hole if you want to use a 4x4.

8. Submission deadlines:

a. - Submission Deadline: 6/16/2012
b. - Installation: week of 6/25/12 - 6/30/12

c. - Take down by: August 30th, 2012
**Unpurchased Scarecrows become Blueberry Hill's property if not claimed by 8/30/2012**

9. The farm will keep a 25% commission on all sold works.


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