Tara Deetscreek (www.taradeetscreek.com) was born in London, England and currently resides
in Akron, Ohio. She obtained her BFA in Art Studio from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She spends her mornings teaching middle schoolers at Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy, her afternoons painting in her art studio at the Summit ArtSpace in downtown Akron, and her evenings taking care of her four boys.
For the past two decades she has done everything from local exhibitions, to murals, to ceramics shows, to surface design, and to even commissions for some notable personalities. She is always looking for ways to share stories without words and connect with others through her art.
Tara has been obsessed with art as long as she can remember and she has always been a daydreamer. This daydreaming has become her art. She hopes that as you look at her work, you land somewhere between reality and a dream.
This collection of paintings are a part of her newest collection entitled “Forgotten Summer.” This series is based off of vintage photographs that were discovered at our local “Stagecoach Antiques” shop that recently closed. The boxes of old photos from days past kept beckoning her to bring them out of the boxes they were stored in and be brought into light. She has breathed new life into the forgotten figures and leads you on a journey to somewhere between reality and a dream.