Montrose Location

3885 W. Market St. • Akron, OH 44333
Phone: (330)666-7333
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Highland Square Location

867 W. Market St. • Akron, OH 44303
Phone: (330)434-7333
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Solon Location

6025 Kruse Dr. • Solon, OH 44139
Phone: (440)519-3663
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What sets Mustard Seed Market apart from other
Natural and Organic Health Food Stores?

We at Mustard Seed Market & Café don’t just see your grocery list as items to check off and get you out the door. We see every item you purchase as an opportunity to provide you and your family with the highest quality ingredients to lead your best possible life. We believe that the quality of what you put into your body is directly related to the quality of what you then put out into the world.

But you’re busy. And life is hectic. Of course you want the best for your family, but who has time to learn the difference between non-GMO and organic?

We do. That’s why we train every member of our staff to know the products, the terminology, the laws, and of course, our standards. At Mustard Seed Market & Café we don’t just train cashiers and stock boys. We train experts.

We have spent years cultivating deep relationships with farms and companies that produce only the highest quality natural and organic foods. We know that every item on our shelves becomes the fuel for your lives. Honoring the trust that you place in us is our biggest and most noble responsibility. With that in mind, we approach our food vendors with a constant supply of need and obligation.

So come to us with your lists, your recipes, your picky eaters, and your diet restrictions. Bring questions, concerns, lofty goals, and high expectations.

We promise to send you home with answers, solutions, and enough delicious food to feed those you love all year round; to feed them well—locally, naturally, organically—to feed them safely.